She was ready, I was not.

It’s a year today Nana Rosie went trotting over the rainbow bridge. I like to think she is sitting with my mum looking down at our daft adventures. She was ready, I was not 😥I am ready,
I have stood on the beach,
Breathed in the sea air,
Felt the sand beneath my toes.My body has slowed,
My bones have tired,
Hunger and thirst,
Have no power.I am ready,
I am loved and adored,
My heart has soared,
I found my place,
Where I belong.My eyes grow heavy,
My ears hear peace,
My nose smells wonders,
My heart misses a beat.I am ready,
I know you are not,
I leave quietly and peacefully,
But your heart is in knots.I was ready,
My eyes told you the story,
Your heart heard the song,
Your head argued longingly,
But love makes you strong.I was ready,
I am gone,
But only in body,
And not in your heart song,
For there I will rest,
Until the day is long.Rosie
O5/05/2004 – 07/04/ 2018
Our old lady, much loved, much missed.

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