Little bit thick?

I Lord Willie first of my name am blessed in many ways. I am honoured and obeyed, worshipped and adored by all but most of all by my two legs.So blessed am I my two legs have adorned me with many names such as; baby, sweetie pie, lovely boy, stop it, dick and angel cakes. They are so lovingly sung to me I even wag my tail happily when they are called.This week, however l came across a new name, one I had occasional heard whispered as I walked past but had not took much notice of.You see we had a visitor on Monday and I knew that she smelt familiar but I just couldn’t place it, so I stayed longer to explore…Suddenly before I knew it, I was propelled into the air as this visiting two legs loudly proclaimed “shall I take this one first as he’s a bit thick and still here” and to my horror as I looked about, I was indeed the only dog still hovering in the hallway. Maggie and Ginny were no where to be seen, they had done a runner!Still unawares and unable to place this two legged visitor I hung in mid-air as she promptly walked us up the garden path to her van – her van – kerching the penny dropped. I had been douped. I knew who she was…I now no longer have a mane so magnificent it awes all who meet me. Gone is the beautiful head of hair I once had, replaced with short, back and sides only a mother could love.Yes, the groomer came and won (well she us a formidable woman) but I’m not thick, I’m just misunderstood 😁

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