We’ve been quiet these past few days, have you missed us or did you enjoy the peace and quiet?We have been away for the weekend in our caravan, we didn’t go far with it being Valentines first experience of a holiday as we were not too sure what she would make of it.There was no need to worry though, Valentine is a great traveller in the car (she literally snores her head off in the back.) She was a little awe struck when introduced to the caravan and like most rescue dogs did look to source a safe hiding space but once her crate was put down and covered she was happier. Indeed she was so happy we did not experience one whoopsie inside (not even a tiny tiddle.)But this weekend was full of many firsts for Valentine apart from travelling and caravans. There was sand and sea, castles and cafes, dogs, cats and people big and small. Valentine’s funny character flourished as we explored all these new things together…She loves sand and the beach in general.Is not particularly bothered by the wet stuff (the sea)Adores basking in the sun on the grass.Would rather not adventure up the side of a mountain to reach the castle at the top.Will befriend others for food.If she has an itch – will stratch it and doesn’t care if its not a ladylike pose.
JustShe won’t move off the couch after a strenuous exploring session.And will surprise you with her love for life.Valentine has smiled, grunted, snorted and laughed this weekend and when she has been unsure she has bravely put one paw infront of the other and done it anyway. So whether you are looking for a companion to share adventures with or one to snuggle up on lazy days Valentine is your girl, shes happy to do both but keep your camera and tissues near because she will have you laughing all the way…Valentine is in foster placement in the Northumberland/Newcastle area. For more information on Valentine click on the link below or contact the rescue centre directly at;https://www.manytearsrescue.org/display_mtar_dog.php?id=24625

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