As much as Valentine has enjoyed her mini break in the caravan, adventuring along the beach and exploring the woods and castle around about, she loves her home comforts too…

Her favourite home comforts are food (obviously), rolling on the fluffy rug, emptying the toy basket and sleeping.

Valentine is not to particular where she sleeps, she loves the security and comfort of her crate as much as she likes stretching and itching her back on the carpet between snoozes but her favourite home comfort happens in the evening, when all is quiet and still.

Yes, this little girl loves it when everyone settles down for the night. She waits in excited anticipation for you to slouch down on the couch with the remote control in hand.

Her tail pounds frantically on the floor awaiting for the invite onto your lap (which usually happens to be my husbands lap as you can’t get near me, with my blanket of sleeping westies and mad yorkie stretched across me.)

Valentine isnt a princess but more of a tomboy, she doesn’t care for glamourous things and neither does she care for the proper things – like how to sit like a lady. No, this little girl just wants to be close to you, outstretched legs, knobbly knees, pig snorts and all…

And if you let her she would stay all night. Valentine is still looking for her forever home. She can be homed with other resident dogs or in the right circumstances as an only dog too.

Valentine is in foster placement in the Northumberland/Newcastle area. For more information on Valentine click on the link below or contact the rescue centre directly at;

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