Whereas the girls here are quite excited by new things and changes Lord Willie can be a little aloof to the idea. This may be because of his first years before he came to live with us.But we do believe Willie had a home at some point before us, before he was found abandoned on the streets (for there are some things we will never know, so have to guess at.)He was entire when found (was) and very much disliked keys being rattled, resulting in him hitting the ground flat at a hundred miles an hour, shaking and cowering. He bared his teeth at any advance when he first arrived and despised being touched.He also had many old injuries such as broken ribs, hips and leg – all that had healed without treatment – leaving him in pain and needing surgery but that wasnt all he was underweight, complete with rotten teeth and death breath too, all factors due to him being a street dog and living off scraps and vermin.But one thing Willie despises more than anything is change. He can still get quite grumpy when change happens, nibbling away at his comfort blanket more frantically than normal and just chooses not to partake or engage in family life.Willie has become a well rounded young chap and as his time here has gone on he settles more quickly (probably because we don’t molly coddle him and make him do things out of his comfort zone on a regular basis.)He takes to new people and dogs coming and going in his stride, likes going on his breaks away with us and puts up with haircuts every now and then but there is one thing Willie does not tolerate well…Willie has a ‘thing’ about his neck and is very particular about his collar (weird I know.) Willie has only had two collars here with us, a mere drop in the ocean compared to Maggie, Rosie’s and Ginny’s collection. I mean even Valentine (our foster dog) is on her second collar and she’s only been here a month or so!Now, it’s bad enough taking Willie’s collar off to clean it, never mind replace it. Taking it off requires routine, it’s taken off at a certain time, put in a certain place and Willie watches it the whole time (usually with his back to you in a huff the whole time) and well I’ll not go into what happens if it’s tumbling around the inside of the washing machine.Willies collar is a part of his soul and I ordered him a new one…I already had a plan of action for when it arrived, I’d pop the girls ones on and leave Willie’s lying in full view and in sniffing distance. I would take it to bed with us (and maybe get Maggie to wear it for a bit.) I put a guesstimate of about two to three days to get him to entertain it and wear.Nope, little bugger was the first one in the queue to get it put on and he pranced about the garden quite happily wearing it after…

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