Happy Easter…

As most of you who have been with us from the start know, Mr 3WD&P is the epitome of childish behaviour and this Easter has been no different.From DIY Gingerbread men in cafes to my handwritten Easter egg life is well – not boring with him. So used to his not only childish behaviour but his inappropriate innuendo I no longer notice or react to the many puns he throws around about our dog Willie.You know the ones…Do you want to stroke my Willie.My wife loves my Willie.Look at Willie erect at the window…Yes, not a eyebrow do I raise now and funnily enough neither do our close friends and family. You just have to laugh and love his child like demeanor.That being said, being presented an Easter Egg in the middle of a shop with the words ‘I love Willie’ written across the front was slightly mortifying.I can only hope he behaves himself today, as you only get a birthday one day a year so really it should be mine, my way – right?So as I venture into the unknown I leave you with some of our Easter adventures and wish you all a…🌻🐰 🐥 Happy Easter 🌻🐰🐥

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