Sweet Demise…

Sitting in the sun is boring pondered Willie lazily this afternoon…

Let’s look over here he suggested to the gang.

So, as they all sat back and watched with interested Willie began to explore, first starting gingerly with putting his front paw amongst the amethyst blooms. Which soon quickly escalated into a good olde stomp within the shrubbery (to make a soft, deep nest for his bottom obviously) and he sat back proudly admiring his work.

Many a warnings were given to him as I sneakily snapped away with my camera while threatening of a very displeased Mr 3WD&P when he clocked Willie’s masterpiece.

Cool and calm Willie sat as he posed and ignored my twittering on and when he was satisfied of his contribution to the garden and sauntered away with obvious pleasure he whispered to the girls…

“Go on you know you want to!”

And they did, no more coaxing it took to encourage Maggie into the throng of twisted stems and squashed petals. She too sat with pleasure apparent on her face as I once again pulled the camera out and she too whispered sweet nothings to two other observers watching from the garden path…

“Go on you know you want to!”

But only one tiptoed forward as the other stared on in horror. Only one delighted in the deed and savoured the danger and only one was caught red handed while the other two denyed all knowledge and only one smiled sweet smiles and told tales for the others demise.

Valentine, sweet Valentine…

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