May the fourth be with you or more to the point may I survive encouraging Pigcat to wear the ‘birthday hat’ without being maimed or worse exucuted by a thousand cuts…I did of course survive the birthday hat ordeal as I am obviously writing this post but it was not without difficulty and peril.Yes, Pigcat eventually wore the birthday hat – not because he want to please his adoring fans but because ham was eventually given as an offering of peace.This was mainly due to sitting next to the birthday hat to help him acclimatize to it was taking too long or more to the point a totally useless exercise.However, I think you’ll agree the perseverance was definitely worth it as Lord Pigcat does indeed look magnificent in his birthday attire.* No cats were hurt in delivering this post to you today – just the stupid hoomans who thought it would be a good idea.🎉🎁Happy Birthday Pigcat 🎁🎉

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