Birthday Ballerina Hippo…

Happy Birthday to our Maggily Moo Moo, who unlike Pigcat, Lord Willie and Gin Gin loves to play dress up (usually because dress up means yummy treats.)

So when the birthday wings and hat came out this morning her little eyes lit up. Unfortunately this has meant she has spent most of the day by herself – as Willie and Ginny avoid any chances of the fairy wings and birthday hat becoming contagious – or worse incase they elope onto them.

That being said Lord Willie is of such a character that he cannot but help to seek out trouble, neither is he shy of pinching the birthday girls sausages from under her nose or decapitating her beloved birthday ballerina hippo…

Needless to say Lord Willie has spent most of the day in timeout, grumbling about the unfairness of the world as Maggie has gleefully pranced about the garden with her fairy wings on.

There’s nothing like a bit of sibling rivalry is there!

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