CDA Pet Food Bank

In today’s world we all struggle as the economy sees the prices rise throughout; from food to bills and general living costs, often with either no pay rises or small rises in wages not being able to compensate.

Many of us manage or muddle through but what if you can not?

What if the only choice you have left is to either feed yourself, your children or your beloved pet?

It is certainly more acceptable in today’s society to re-home/sell on a pet than it is a child but what if there was a way to keep your beloved pet or to help someone else to keep theirs, would not be a worth while cause?

The Cda pet food bank are trying to help combat this, trying to give families the help they need to keep pets that are loved at home but they need help.

They desparately need; food including treats and flea/worming treatments and it’s as easy as 1,2,3 to support them.

You can visit their amazon wish list, just click the link below and pop ‘cda pet food bank’ in and send them some goodies.

Donate via PayPal (details on the photograph below.)

Or visit their facebook page, Twitter profile or website and contact them directly.

Let’s help keep these beloved pets with their families…

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