Point Taken…

I would love to sing the praises of not just this collection of beautiful photographs but of the joy the dogs felt while playing along the sand as they rough and tumbled about.

So excited I was this morning happily snapping away watching this special scene play out through the lense – totally unawares.

Of course this is sometimes the problem with watching life go by with camera lenses rather than just our eyes – the camera often takes pictures out of context or ‘takes away’ from certain aspects. Meaning sometimes an opportunity is missed or worse not avoided.

I can not say the same thing for Lord Willie, who never misses a trick, never mind an opportunity…

Thanks Willie – point taken.

Remember to participate in life and not just observe it or you’ll miss a trick or more to the point miss the dog cocking his leg for a wee in the middle of your masterpiece shots 🤣😄😂

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