Does my bum look big in this…

Does my bum look big in this?Is Ginny trying out new fashion accessories for fun or is she the handbag dog of the future?No…Unfortunately Ginny, in her excitement during a walk decided to jump into a stinging nettle bush. She instantly regretted this decision and decided the best course of action to take would to be to sit down and refuse to move.Of course this meant she had to be bundled into Mr 3WD&P ‘manbag’ (yes, he’s very trendy – man bag and all) but more to the point Ginny never moved all the way home. This in its self was a great feat as we’ve never ever know her to sit still.Thus, to say she hasn’t sat still since as no amount of piriton or cool baths have helped ease her prickly toes, pads and thighs. So in true Ginny fashion she took the tiggerific way and has grumpily, pranced, bounced and pounced her way back to health (video to follow shortly.)Moral of the story – always check the green, green grass because sometimes it’s a little bit prickly 😂😄🤣

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