Thanking You…

We’ve had lots of well wishers and concerning messages from lots of you lovelies about our little Ginny after her escapades in the nettle bushes yesterday and I’m pleased to say she is feeling much better.Yesterday we snuggled her in for cuddles in between honey ham with piriton and warm baths with calomine lotion and by tea time she was happily plodding along on her evening walk.But for extra special measures we encouraged a salt paddle (or two) at the seaside as well and as you can see she was rather fond of that – unlike Lady Maggie who couldn’t get away quick enough 🤣😄😂So if you were one of the lovelies sending her lots of love, thank you so much. It worked a treat and all the viral hugs helped her along her way to feeling much better.❤️💜❤️ Thank you ❤️💜❤️

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