Odin Son…

While posing for photographs Lord Willie was serenaded by a bird.

Now most canine lordships would not be bothered by such things and would not rise to such occasions.

However, every time Lord Willie tried to address his loyal subjects, his attempts were thwarted by the loud squarking behind him, which he found rather off putting.

Not wanting to disappoint his loyal subjects, Lord Willie felt that he would have no choice but to have some strong words with this feathered counterpart – well that was until he got a little closer and realised that the little bird wasn’t quite so little but more hawk like…

Thus he put ‘his people’ on to the task, as he was torn between been afraid that the bird was possibly the God Father ‘Odin Son’ to spite his splendor.

Or more likely he himself was of royal Viking blood and the God Father Odin Son was there to bless him for his magnificence…

Not that Lord Willie has an over exagastersted view of himself or anything 😂😄🤣

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