Home Sweet Home…

There is always something nice about going home at the end of an holiday and I think the three dogs and Pigcat agree, although, Pigcat is still in a huff at being left in the lap of luxury at the cat hotel.We were blessed with lovely weather while away and had time to explore and adventure without the duty of work but still coming home made us all smile.Maybe it is the familiarity of home or the many memories made there or It could be that home is where the heart is.Or is it as simple as the feel of the long grass under belly and the sweet smell of summer coming off the dogs favourite fields…But more likely for Lord Willie it’s the need to fortify his boundaries and remind the locals of his greatness. That and he’s prowling for bitches and leaving his phone number for them.Sadly, nobody has got the heart to tell him he’s a few cupcakes short of a rumble though but he look happy nethertheless…

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