Once Upon a Time…

Having once upon a time been a street dog, this dog knew not only what love looked like but what it felt like too.

He no longer felt lonely or afraid and his belly was now round and always comfortably full.

In his home he has a collection of toys and soft beds to lie upon and was adorned with kisses and cuddles everyday, rather than the previous years of kicks and cautions.

Indeed he now had so much abundance in his life, he often got confused with small matters, such as which toy was his, whose bowl he should eat out of or most worrying what his actual name was – for he had many…

Baby, bunnykins, sweetie pie, poop head, squishy bum, good boy, trouble and many many more – all which were used with lovingly charm – and to which he responded to all happily with a waggy bum.

However, without being completely sure what his proper name was, this boy knew he belonged here. He understood and really liked the collar and coin he was gifted when love surrounded him.

So much so he worried each night as it was carefully taken off him and placed on the side table – until it was gently replaced each morning.

And so as his new life flourished and the mystery of his name – his proper name, bothered him less and less. He wagged his tail for Baby, bounded happily around for bunnykins and gave a tummy for sweetie pie.

Life was good, life was kind and his heart belonged to his own man.

Then one day out of the blue, his man said to him; I have your heart and you have mine, let’s make sure we keep it safe and change that coin for something grand.

And out of his pocket he took out a lock, he turned the key and threaded it through the collars clasp and locked it fast.

Then as gentle as can be he fastened it about his neck and whispered quietly Willie you were always for me.

And there it was for all to see. His name – his proper name Willie.

So, who needs a love lock on a bridge in France when love is Infront of you and just needs a chance!

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