Dog owners who have more than 1 dog, no matter the age- let’s see the difference between them 🤔🤔🤔•Most stubborn? All of them•Most laid back ? Maggie•Worst temper? Willie defo•Pickiest eater? Ginny•Who sleeps the most? Maggie•Who is the loudest? Ginny•Who is the most shy? None•Who has the most attitude? Absolutely Willie•Most dramatic? Willie & Ginny•Who talks the most? Ginny•Who has mum’s personality? Maggie•Who is most responsible? Maggie•Who is most likely to take care of me ? Maggie•Who is likely to cause me to lose my mind? Willie•Who is the most protective? Willie•Who makes you laugh the most? They all doCopy, paste & play 🤣🤣

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