The ice-cream fiend…

My mummy has been telling tales about me again but I wants to tell yous mines sides…

Yes, I mays of had the tiniest littlest wee wee on daddies trouser leg yesterday during Filey Westie walk but it was a tiny mister meaner compared to the horror I had to endure.

Nothing could compare to my excitement as I rocked up to the beach front – not even a mere gaggle of two hundred westies – certainly not where ice-creams are concerned, for icecream is my favourite food (well alongside, pizza, cheese, sausage, eggs and yogurts – you get the idea.)

But Mr Whippy ice-creams are the bee’s knees. So imagine my pain and my horror when mummy started sharing her with the girls (Maggie and Ginny) and left me out. Not a tasty morsel or sneaky lick did I get – those greedy girls ate it all and Auntie Lisa and Auntie Linda will totally vouch for me too…

So don’t go listening to my mummy and her lies or let her use her fake evidence on you – she totally drew that ice cream mustache on me – I promise!

Love Lord Willie 🐾

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