Wet Westitude…

Is anybody else suffering from wet westitude?We certainly are in this house. Just look at Willie and his attempts at not going out in the rain – I would show you the girls attempt at not being forced to go out into the rain either but all you would see is a blanket as they are currently hiding underneath it.Yes, the dogs have been a delight these past few days, choosing bed sores over raindrops. Not a paw has crossed the threshold to explore the outside – other than for the nessisities but even those have not been without drama…There’s nothing like having to go and collect your furbaby from thier hiding space, to then have to physically carry them outside, lock the door to then have the pleasure of watching them press thier little faces up to the glass (which leaves an impression upon the surface) as they move themselves into a position a gymnast would be proud of to tiddle – and we have a 5ft roofed pergola over the backdoor before you are anywhere near the rain!What a bunch of babies – it’s only rain 🤣😃😂

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