Poppy & Children…

As the visiting hordes descended upon us today. The youngest two being two and four years old, with a nine and ten year old in the middle and not forgetting the last two at thirteen and fifteen (not all mine may I add) the noise level rose somewhat but not an eyelid did Poppy bat.Actually she flourished amongst all the attention, lapping up the cuddles and kisses, even going as far as seeking the children out and she was perfectly behaved (as were the children) and after the excitement was over she …Rolled over and slept through the rest of the children’s visit.So, I think this little girl will fit in fine with either resident children or visiting children. However, that being said I believe that no dog or child should be left unattended – because you just never know and it’s just not worth the chance.Poppy can be homed as either an only dog or with other resident dogs but be warned she snores like a trooper…To offer Poppy a home clink on the link below to find out more about Poppy and how to adopt her. Poppy is in the Newcastle/Northumberland area.https://www.manytearsrescue.org/display_mtar_dog.php?id=25376

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