*warning bad language*I stupidly said the words out loud today on our walk, forgetting about what a right wanker Lord Willie can be…Proudly, I announced to Mr 3WD&P”Awh look we are back to three white dogs again.”But no sooner had I said the words out loud Willie disappeared out of sight. No amount of cooeing and singing his name brought him to my heel – so I had to go looking.As I rose to the top of the mound I saw the sight before me and heard the squeals of delight. For down the other side of the bank Willie was cooling off from the warm sun.No longer was he white as he dragged his belly along, legs splayed out behind him. He heard no pleas of restraining as he rolled and lolled his head about and when he was done…Well just check out his face on the photographs or even better at the end of the video (posted separately.) I think he was quite pleased with himself – or at least he was before he had to go in the bath 🤣😃😂

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