Boys will be boys…

Just look at this face. Is this not the face of pure happiness. The face of innocence in all its joys…

Well it would be if it wasn’t Lord Willie (who is a right tool.) Yes, Willie has been up to his usual shinnanigans.

For those of you who may not know yet we have not one new addition here (our foster dog Poppy) but two others too which are now permanent residents.

That’s wonderful you are thinking – well yes it is, thank you very much but in Lord Willie fashion there has been some snags. For our new residents are boys and Willie – well Willie has little man syndrome and can be a bit of drama queen where boys are concerned and he has not disappointed.

Not bothered one bit has Lord Willie been with Bing (a 14 year old Yorkie/cairn cross) for he is castrated but Wallace is a different story being a fine specimen of not only Westie but one with his manly junk still in tact too – poor Lord Willie. The pain is real, he cannot make his mind up if he wants to befriend Wallace or be Wallace.

Thus the battle of the I’m going to wee on your wee begins and there is no boundaries to Lord Willie’s imagination as he mantras around his domain whispering ; that’s mine, that’s mine, this is mine, mine, mine, mine. Not even Mr 3WD&P is safe sitting on the grass (that’s the second time this month Willie has claimed him, the first being at the Filey Westie Walk) 🤣😂

But are we worried about Willie’s rather naughty streak at the moment – no we are not at the grand old age of fifteen years and ten months Wallace is a pro. You could describe it as victorian gentleman meets street thug but I think when Wallace is feeling better Willie could learn a trick or two from this old chap and a bromance may blossom.


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