Who This Boy?

I am beginning to think aliens have taken Bing away during the night and replaced him with a different dog for Bing is unstoppable today. Gone is the dog who last week could not walk or eat for being so poorly. We now have an energetic, cheeky chap who wants to play with his friends and go on long walks.Wallace too is showing some improvement but at a slower, steady rate. We can only wait and let time and prays do their thing as the antibiotics hopefully work their magic. His ears and mouth are still causing him discomfort but he is managing to eat and drink meaning we can slowly build his strength up.However, what he lacks in strength he gains in westietude because if he wants a cuddle he may not be able to get up on the chair to you but you can get on the floor next to him and he is the most loving boy you could wish for ❤️❤️❤️

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