Buzz Buzz Buzz…

There is always one isn’t there. That one that just cannot help themselves. That is always in amongst it or thinks they are invincible.The one that is missing a link or two in the intelligence department.I suppose really we are quite lucky here to have six dogs at the moment and have five that are smart and not mentally challenged.Of course I am sure a few of you are already thinking the name I am about to mention. The one that is maybe not so clever in his thinking, prefering braun to brains…Willie.You would think he would learn from experience and pick his battles. I mean he was a street dog at one point, surely that must give him some credit to be streetwise alone.But apparently not, apparently sticking your head into a bush buzzing angrily with wasps is a great idea – well Willie certainly thought it was (for the first ten seconds) until he rather quickly changed his mind and scarpered inside.Luckily for him he was quick enough and managed to get away (almost) sting free.
Well, that is apart from the lone one that got him on his bottom as he hairarsed away into the house in a mad panic…Needless to say Willie is feeling rather sorry for himself today!❤️🐝❤️🐝❤️🐝❤️🐝 ❤️🐝❤️🐝❤️🐝❤️

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