Ups and Downs…

We are delighted with Bing’s progress here at three white dogs, two ginger ones and a Pigcat 😂😆🤣.He has come on leaps (as you can see) and bounds. He doesn’t stray far from myself, always returning for a little check in but he is far from the poorly pensioner that arrived those few weeks ago that had to have an emergency visit to the vet. So much so (other than ailments of age like being partially sighted) we are not worried at all.Wallace too is coming on beautifully (you can see him in the background slowly patrolling the fences at his own pace) but his is a slower process. His ears are almost completely clear of infection, he has put on weight and now wags his tail in delight as you enter the room. He is hard of hearing and partially sight too but at nearly sixteen years old that is to be expected.Sadly, his face is still giving him a lot of pain. He holds his head to one side and struggles on through eating and laying his head to sleep. The antibiotics have worked wonders in that he looks healthy with a pearly white shine to his coat and has a spring in his step but the multitude of abcessess in his mouth have not improved at all, meaning he is in constant pain which is heart breaking to watch so we are hoping that on Thursday when we go back to the vets for his after antibiotic check up they will have some options for this poor little soul.The boys could not have settled better here and are very much part of the pack as well as part of the family. We still have a little way to go to get Wallace as comfortable as possible and I find myself in awe each day at the compassion and love we receive from the westie rescue scotland team for they have been amazing.❤️❤️❤️

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