Cut and Style…

Today the gang were visited by the dog groomer and got a well deserved pamper but for Wallace and Bing it was more than a pamper it was a chance to get them looking thier best.These oldies are a little deaf and a little short sighted but is it no longer because they have fur growing over thier eyes or out of thier ears.No more do they clip clop over the floor, treading carefully over thier overgrown nails, trying desperately not to hurt themselves.No, the improvement has been so positive for these chaps today we were blessed by seeing something we did not think we would…Wallace ran.He ran and played, he frolicked and bounced and he joined in with the others. It was a beautiful sight to see.All the small steps we have taken along the way is making a huge difference to these beautiful boys and I hope you enjoy watching them both play as much as we have today.

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