Two weeks…

The old guys have been here now for two weeks at 3WD&P and it’s been an interesting two weeks.Firstly we also had a extra addition, Honey (was Poppy) a foster dog from many tears rescue, however, because they all pretty much arrived at the same time it was an easy transition but Honey went onto pastures new last weekend – to her forever family, leaving us with the fantastic five.It did not start off as the fantastic five though as Bing and Wallace rocked up in not the best of shape. From the off Bing needed vetinerary help to gain control of a rather nasty gastrointestinal infection but as the two weeks have passed we have slowly ticked off boxes and jumped through hoops to not only see an improvement in the oldies but to make them an integral part of the gang here.Antibiotics, health checks, improving thier diet, nails cut, bathed, flea and wormed has all been part of this process. However, behind the scenes small changes have been made too. No longer are the oldies fed separately from the gang, neither do they have different sleeping arrangements anymore – all five sleep together now, a slow process but worth the hard work.The biggest change though is that we can leave all five dogs in the house together now without using boundaries (doors) to separate them. We can confidently say now, two weeks on we are a pack and we even have a bromance budding in the horizon (which is something we though may never be possible.)We all know Lord Willie and his keen aptitude for being a right tool, often bringing out the little man syndrome in abundance. Well, introducing not one but two boys into the pack came with challenges such as this and to make things more difficult one is an entire boy.Not one look has Bing been graced by Willie since he arrived but Wallace…Willie stalked, grumped and hounded this poor old chap when he first arrived. Wallace was Willie’s nemis – not only did he have two big black shiny coconuts but he desperately wanted affection – cue the green eyed monster – Willie was on a mission.Thankfully, Wallace is a laid back chap and ignored Willie futile efforts at provoking a manly stand off and Willie has slowly and unknowingly come to like Grandad Wallace.That being said Willie will always be a tool so his friendly affections over his new best friend are sometimes, somewhat creepy – as in every snore or sigh Wallace makes, Willie hovers above him nudging him with his nose while crying, taking friendships to a whole new level…But today on our first official family walk out (for we have waited until the oldies had regained thier strength before attempting a proper walk) Willie shone. Neither Bing or Wallace have the best eyesight but unfortunately Wallace has the added disadvantage of being partially deaf too.This means Wallace walks in a straight line and doesn’t stop, thus meaning we need to keep him on lead to stop him getting confused or lost but today we let him off lead for a little while because Willie had his back – or his side in this case…Just a dog – I think not. Sentient beings with compassion and feelings. Willie led Wallace around on our walk today and never left his side while he was off lead.🐕 💓 🐕

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