The last hurdle…

*warning graphic photographs*Many of you know that we have had two new additions come to us recently and many of you have followed thier journey but today we ask you to take one more step along the path with us.Bing (14) and Wallace (15 – to be 16 in August) came into the care of westie rescue scotland following the death of thier elderly owner, leaving them in the sad predicament of nowhere to go. In addition to this due to thier previous owners age and poor health the care provided to Bing and Wallace had declined.Thus these poor boys arrived in a rather sad state complete with a rather nasty gastrointestinal infection. Westie Rescue Scotland and ourselves have worked fervently in regaining not only these lovely old gentlemans trust but thier health too and with a splash of love added into the mix we have seen a huge improvement but we still have one hurdle to jump.Wallace’s insisors and back molars are in appalling condition (see attached photographs) leaving Wallace in obvious pain with them.The vet feels antibiotics will only be a temporary aid, giving slight relief from the pain of the abcessess (he has three and multiple rotten teeth) meaning a dental would be the way forward. Wallace has put on weight and the vet is happy with Wallace’s heart and general health so does not not think a dental procedure and anesthesia will be too much for him but he has advised taking bloods due to his age nethertheless.Sadly, as most dog owners know dental treatments come with a hefty price tag and are not covered through insurances (which is not available for these old boys anyway.) Meaning funds need to be raised to give Wallace the treatment and relief he needs.The rescue that supports Wallace and Bings foster places here with us have been amazing and have not batted an eyelid at either the treatment or the cost that surround the treatment Wallace desperately needs and have already organised a fundraiser and we of course as Wallace and Bings foster mummy and daddy will be gifting a % towards Wallace’s treatment too (how could we not – they are our babies now) but we are asking for your compassion and your help…Please could you visit the Westie Rescue Scotland Facebook group and have a mooch around thier Radley auction and maybe pop a bid on or two, all proceeds go towards Wallace’s treatment and you could grab a fabulous Radley bargain in the process. The auction ends on Friday at 7pm and there are some great items up for grabs.This procedure will see Wallace pain free for possibly the first time in six years ❤️❤️❤️

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