Brave Boy…

Wallace wishes to apologize for his bed head and to say a big thank you for all your well wishes. He had a good night last night and slept well. He is feeling a tad rough this morning but has still woken up wagging his tail nethertheless.He had 9 teeth taken out yesterday (10 including the one that fell out this on the carpet Friday morning before surgery) and most of them were from the side of his face that he held strangely – four of these were complex extractions – the foul smell was the result of a badly decayed and cracked large rear molar which, according to the vet must have been incredibly painful for him.In addition to this he has had a descale and polish of a severe tartar build up (his teeth are now pearly white) and this meant he was able to keep his incisors. Which is just as well as Poor Wallace has very little teeth now as when the vet started surgery it was noted that many of his teeth had already fallen out due the poor state of them (going back to the tooth found on the carpet yesterday before surgery.)His ears were also investigated and although some Bacteria is present the vet felt most of his ear issues were determined on how bad his back molars were, taking the pain down into his jaw and skull so a cleaning solution and routine cleaning should ease this.Wallace has seven days worth of pain relief, has ate some chicken, drank and gone to the toilet. He is back at the vet in a week’s time for a check up (we can go back sooner should we need too) but I have been assured he’s a trooper by the staff at the vets whom he has wooed there.Yes, Wallace was a popular boy while there, showing a perfect balance of flirtation with the ladies and westietude with the men – indeed when he left the surgery it was head up, tail out and a strut that would put any diva to shame. This boy has sass and as you can see in the photographs Bing is never far from his side.So hopefully onwards and upwards as he heals and when his is ready we will start a new journey – a one making lots of new memories.

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