Not quite right…

As we get up this morning, Little Ginny eventually settles, as Ginny has not been settled for a few days now.Frantically she has run around the house, seemingly away from herself, frightened, tail between her legs.We have tried to calm her and snuggle her in, to no avail. Not even Maggie’s motherly care has settled her nerves.Not knowing what could be wrong and after giving her time to settle with no improvement we wrapped her in a blanket and began to investigate, late last night.Do you remember her great escape a few days ago? The one through a small gap in the fence. Where Mr 3WD&P had to take the fence apart to fix it, destroying my beautiful garden in the process…Well, it seems Ginny in her enthusiasm to escape, did not quite get the spacial awareness right, taking off a good chunk of skin and fur under her chin as she squeezed through the gap.The problem now is that it is healing and we all know as skin heals it scabs and becomes tight. So when Ginny is moving her head, the skin on her neck is pulling, which in turn is hurting and frightening her. Thus she is frantically running around the house to get away from it but sadly she is it 😥😢😥Making it a long night but at least she is settled now, bless her cotton socks. Lots of tlc coming her way for now ❤️❤️❤️

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