Pat, pat, pat…

After being shunned by all of her other friends Ginny chose option number two…

Do you want to play? She whispered quietly to the strange creature sleeping on the windowsill and patiently she tried to sit and wait for the reply.

Silently Pigcat contemplated the offer, not rushing his decision. Dosing sleepily in the afternoon sun.

Pat, pat, pat, do you want to play, sang Ginny happily, pat, pat, pat on his head and his side, slowly making her way to her own demise.

Not a claw did Pigcat bare, or a mark he make to scare her away. Pat, pat, pat did Ginny continue until Pigcat stood and didn’t let it continue…

A swift Pat back on the side of her head and Ginny ran straight to her bed.

Do you want to play?

Maybe not today!

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