Plethora of kisses…

I hate going away and leaving the dogs (even if they are in the capable and loving hands of Mr 3WD&P) but I love coming home…I love the faces and the waggys tails, the looks of pure delight and the plethora of kisses.I may not have gotten much sleep last night due to a delayed flight home and the fact that I was entombed in bed with all five dogs securely pinning me in and I may not have gotten the longest of walks out today with the torrential downpours but I do know I was missed and I am loved, as none of the dogs have left my side since coming home (it’s shame I cannot say the same for the man children, teenagers at their best; hello, exchange presents and gone to the pit of their rooms haha.)There’s the parents life for you and people wonder why I have dogs 🤣😂😅

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