Change of plan…

Today’s post was going to be all about white dogs and their delight at being able to change colour when you pick up a paint brush to paint. It was supposed to be about the brown dog that now has white paws, the white dog (Willie) that has brown spots that makes him look like a shrunken dalmation or the white dog (Wallace) that has lime green racing stripes down his side. It was going to be about Ginny’s wet Pawprints going through the house, giving away her favourite hiding spots…

Well that was until we found ourselves (in our old clothes, covered in paint) rushing down to the vetinerary practice with Maggie in our arms. For Maggie gave me the biggest fright ever today. All day she lopped around the garden, happily frolicking amongst the flowers as we painted the fences, never far from my heel. Until she just wasn’t there, so off I went into the house to find her and find her I did, hiding under the bed covered in blood.

Maggies microchip has always sat comfortably in-between her shoulder blades. I has never moved or changed shape in the three years it has been there – until last week when we noticed it was lumpy. Maggie has had skin allergies from being a puppy and for the majority of her life has used medication to elevate her symptoms but in the past six months we have weaned her off it, that and she has recently received a short course of steroids to boost her new routine of medicated baths and an introduction of a new diet – thus we were not too worried about the lump, we checked it each day, it didn’t hurt her, was soft and pliable and seemed to be getting smaller rather than larger, that mixed with regular visits to the dogtor we would just leave it for now…

Well as you can guess, it was the wrong choice, it exploded. Meaning a trip to the emergency vet for a shave, fluid clean and antibiotics, ready for Maggie to be squished in for surgery tomorrow. The lump needs removed, along with her microchip and biopsies taken. Which of course when you beloved pet is in pain and crying Infront of you on the table, you are frantically nodding yes, yes to the vet, anything she needs, just do it.

Moral of the story – take your babies to the vet if they get a lump, don’t leave it. I not only feel guilty for not taking Maggie straight away but I am now worrying about a big bill tomorrow. Maggie is insured but there is always the worry of how much and what the insurers will pay out for isn’t there but first and foremost is to get this little girl sorted. So lots of cuddles for tonight, ready for a day worrying tomorrow until she is back home safe and sound.

My poor little baby girl.


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