F**k you…

Donning her best bunny sleep suit and non matching skull and crossbones bandana, Maggie knew something was afoot this morning…

Her fears were confirmed as slowly daddy pulled up outside the large green building – that building – the one she usually successfully manages to avoid. The vets.

Knowing there is no getting out of this condumdrance she opts for the classic move of turning her back upon her peoples and refusing to participate in any niceties.

So being a westie, there was only one thing for it – tail up, arse out and head high, she owned the runway down to the vetinerary desk, full swagger as she went. Westitude in its finest – a proper f**k you if I ever did see one.

Go girl, own it. I’ll see you soon then we can play the ‘Im not speaking to you’ game. I miss you already


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