Home at last…

She’s home and as we predicted not speaking to us but we don’t care as long as she is home safe, sound and well.Her surgery was worse than the vet orginally thought. The cyst had grown around a lump, which has grown around the microchip. Meaning they have had to remove everything around the area, skin, tissue, cells etc and send it for biopsy, giving her a larger trauma area and making it a longer procedure.
Thankfully the good news is the vet doesn’t think the lump is cancerous.Maggie left the vetinerary practice as she arrived, tail up, arse out and head high, completely by passing myself and Mr 3WD&P. We have been snubbed and dubbed as worst of the worst westie pawrents and as such are not fit to be spoken too. So she is concentrated on catching up on her beauty sleep.I’m sure she will speak to us soon – how long can a westie keep up the westietude anyway 😂😅🤣

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