I’m not sure Mr 3WD&P rocks the birthday hat as well as Wallace did but it is his birthday today so I guess he’s entitled to pose for a photograph with it but I think I will purchase a people one for him next year nethertheless.

Birthdays are tricky as you get older as materials things matter less and less, meaning present purchasing is stressful (especially as I don’t think he would of been impressed with me getting him one or maybe three new dogs) so I went for the next best thing. A memory making gift – Archery. Now this may come back and bite me as already he’s making references to being okay in the zombie apocalypse and that he thinks he may be related to Katniss Everdene from the hunger games (bearing in mind she is a fictional character!)

So, quietly I sit here trying to roll my eyes discreetly as he re-lives his younger days and croons at his ability to hit a target with an arrow from ten metres. I look adoring around the room at my fur companions, wishing for some kind of sympathy only to end up face to face with Willie – who is still trying to get away with faking illness for extra fussing and treats. Is this not the face of an angel (albiet one that’s up to no good) because if he was actually poorly he’d be way worse than he is pretending to be because is is a big baby with no pain threshold at all. Unlike Maggie who is still full of westie and sass, scar and all…

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