You’re a lovely bunch…

*warning post surgery photograph*

We want to thank everyone for all your well wishes and support during Maggies unexpected surgery.

Late last night she decided to relent and offer us the opportunity to have snuggle before bed, not quite ending her cold shoulder regime – just teasing us a little bit. Maggie then went on to have a settled night in bed with us and has woken up this morning a little sore but bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Her bandages fell of during the night but the area around surgery in clean and dry, once again the vetinerary team have done a wonderful job. We were warned it would be a bigger trauma area then first anticipated and indeed it is, so Maggie is going to have to rock the bandana look for a little longer as she can’t wear a cone and hopefully this will keep it clean (and protect it slightly when she tries to have a sneaky scratch) but all in all she is doing great.

Today we will keep her comfortable and her pain medication topped up and it looks to be a lazy day (as no one is interested in going out in the rain.) The rest on the gang, well they are all happy that Maggie is back. Ginny has never left her side and Wallace and Bing are much more settled now she’s home. Willie…

He seems to have mysteriously gained a limp (not wanting to miss out on extra snuggles like Maggie) and is currently trying to milk it as much as possible – it’s just a shame he hasn’t realised that running hair arse through the house for a treat has gave his cunning plan away – gotcha ya, ya sneak!

You just gotta love him for trying though…


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