It’s HIS day…Finally after so much effort, he has his OWN day, all to himself and what a day it has been. It started off as any ordinary day (I mean the birthday hat has already been out twice this week) so as I pulled it out of the drawer this morning it got very little reaction. If anything it was looked at with a little bit of smugness at the idea of someone else’s embarrassment and a smidge of comtempt too as it obviously wasn’t going to be his day today either…Therefore when he realised it was actually coming (complete with a loudly sung birthday song) he was in a dilemma as to whether he wanted to be excited or darn right grumpy about it – obviously he went for the latter, as a pink and blue birthday cake hat does nothing for your street cred does it!But then it is HIS day so if he wants to be a grump, he can grump as much as he likes. So he has. He grumped because breakfast was late (because he was opening his presents), he grumped because he had to share his said presents with the others, he grumped because he wanted to go out in the rain for a walk and then grumped because he got wet in the rain.However, there is perks of being the birthday boy – like he got a ride back home with Wallace and Bing in the off roader but of course he grumped because he had to share the space.It’s hard work being the Birthday Boy.Happy Birthday Willie seven years old today (and your 3rd gotcha day) whatever did we do with you, you make our hearts smile – even when you are being a w**ker 😂😅🤣

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