Screaming Banshee…

Today we give you this face – this face full of awe and innocence, lovingly know by many as ‘the creep’ or ‘the idiot’…

Many time a time has she outstounded us in her ability to get herself in some sort of trouble and each day she becomes closer and closer to being, if not exceeding THE 3WD&P head troublemaker ( yes, even beyond Lord Willies capabilities) for Willie often chooses Braun over brains but can turn on the brain power when it suits him. Ginny, however, we are not sure if she has a full picnic basket at all.

For example my nice relaxing bath was ruined yesterday, not because of the postman banging on the door or the boiler refusing to warm the water to the correct temperature but because as I slowly lay back to relax I was vaulted out of it by a visiting screaming banshee (which was very obviously dying a slow, painful death) so worrying was the sound the whole house came to its aid (even the manchildren which is a feat in itself) but to what sight did we behold on rushing towards the rescue of this poor beast and the horrifying noise it made…

Think exorcist the movie or if you are not scary movie inclined a garden windmill out of control in the wind – then add in some screaming and frantic flaying around but instead of seeing a head all you can see is an arse and tail – Ginny had stuck her head through the baby gate to see Pigcat and panicked – panicking being her down fall – for if she had just stayed calm she would have realised she could back out the way she had went in (for she is a skinny wee thing and wasn’t actually stuck.)

She did obviously work this out eventually when she calmed down, which took a good bit of ham and lots of gentle cooeing but of course by this time the morning was gone as was my nice warm bath. Not that this phased Ginny who spent the rest of the afternoon repeatedly putting her head in and out of the baby gate (as if to prove a point) while also made an alliance with Bing, seeing as she had decided it was all the westies fault she had got stuck in such a predicament in the first place, meaning when she wasn’t playing hokey pokey in-between the bars of the baby gate she filled her time in with bothering him…

So far the positions we have had are;

Bunk beds,

You get the idea – Ginny is such a little weirdo but she is our little weirdo


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