It’s okay to not be okay…

It’s been a funny few weeks here at 3WD&P with poorly dogs, stressful decorating and vet bill worries, combine these together and usually the little depression gremlin is not far behind to remind you that you are teetering along life on a tight rope. These phases often come and go, flitting in and out with no real pattern or reason behind them and I believe everyone at some point in their life experiences such things.Sometimes it is because we try to be strong for so long that one day you just can’t, sometimes life throws a curve ball that knocks you off your foundation and sometimes it just is because it is what it is. Low points it seems is a part of life and when I find a low point crosses my path I seek the safety of my own home. I have struggled these past few weeks with going out (other than my normal, safe routines) but I am not a giver upper and thankfully neither are my loved ones around me and I am grateful for that.Today I went out. Today I cried and I laughed but I was not alone. Today my friends cried and laughed too – life is hard but it’s okay to not be okay – you’ve just got to keep putting one foot Infront of the other and remember together we are stronger.#itsokaytonotbeokaymentalhealthmatterslifeishardsometimes

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