Well Maggies skin results are in from the vets which gives us a better idea of how to help her. it’s going to be a long walk in the park, rather than a quick fix as we have to take her back to basics with her food and treat her skin methodically for the next few weeks.Maggie is allergic to;
Cows milk
Dustmites (off the scale) and
Staphylococcus – allergic to herself (off the scale)So here we come raw feeding (venison only to start with) and lots of reading and research as even treats are off the menu for now but anything has got to be worth it to improve her skin as at the moment it’s making her life miserable – wish us luck 🥺😢🥺

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  1. As a personal Westie chef (mom) I feel your pain! Not sure where sweet potatoes fell on the testing spectrum for Maggie, but our Westies love them. Cut into batons and given raw as treats. Big hit in our house. Also minced venison with grated sweet potato mashed into a flat cake and baked like a jerky. We call that dog crack in our house. LOL
    Wishing you the best on your journey of Westie allergies. There will be good days and not so good days, don’t give up. Also kangaroo is supposed to be excellent and very hypoallergenic.


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