Bubble madness…

We have started Maggie’s new regime today – not that she was overly impressed with it, especially the part where she had to sit in the bath sudded up with bubbles on for thirty minutes and how do you entertain your furry friend for that long without treats or peanut butter on the side of the bath (because she cannot have treats at the moment.) Well you play peek a boo of course or read them a children’s story…There are no quick fixes here for Maggie so we are not expecting her to stop plucking, chewing or eating herself straight away but today she did sleep undisturbed for a few hours, which we haven’t seen her do for a long time. Her baby grows minimise the damage Maggie can do to her own skin but a couple of hours of relief after the bath was wonderful to see, so we will take the little wins.#dayonenearlycomplete

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