Wise Wallace…

Not being one for nonsense or getting his feet wet Wallace hung back to the very end as he watched his younger counterparts trudge and wade through the rather deep looking puddle.For any amount of danger may have been lurking under the surface, waiting to devour a fine specimen like himself.Many a day he had been licking, pruning and cleaning his beautiful coat, which was not just white but sparkled and gleamed like a precious opal under the glare of a full moon.Wallace waited, watching, slowly calculating to see how much of himself he would have to sacrifice to the unsavoury brown liquid which rippled in the summer breeze.Ever so carefully he put one paw infront of the other as his companion sat, mud smeared and tainted on the other side. Straight and steady he followed the waters edge, only sacrificing one or two toes to its plea and with satisfaction (and quite a smug smile on his face) Wallace trotted happily past the others with his tail up, setting the pace of the pack.Brilliantly his coat shone, stark and white – unlike the young ones, whose mud flicked coats stuck up at awkward angles and paws left noisy wet marks on the ground. They will learn (eventually) wise Wallace whispered to no one inparticular as he carried on down the path – the young ones these days !?!🤣😅😂

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