Throw back Thursday…

Throw back Thursday – two months today Wallace and Bing came to us. Two months on and they are an integral part of the pack (even thier new collars and tags came yesterday.) It has been a rollercoaster ride introducing two new males (one entire) into the house, especially with our resident dog Willie who can be a little bit of a tool sometimes and we weren’t sure if they would all get along at first.That and it was a bumpy start with these poor chaps being down on life and not feeling the best but with a great support network through Westie Rescue Scotland and lots of tender loving care we all stuck with it – and now…Well, what a difference, they jump-up happily to see you, roll on the carpet with contentment after meals and are vetinerary care free (other that general care.) They are enjoying walks too, not just walks to the end of the street and back and not like when they first came, tired and unsteady with very little muscle tone. No we are talking proper walks with the pack – miles.Yes, we take an off roader with us for chariot rides in-between bouts of tiredness (and the boys have clicked on really quick to this) but they are loving the adventures we can now take them on.Wallace is very much a mummies boy and where I am he is (and he’s a proper snuggle Munster) whereas Bing is a good all rounder, liking to have love from everyone in the household but when he needs that someone it’s always my husband he looks for first.We’ve always loved the oldies in this house, having experiencing first hand the love for life they have (because let’s face it they don’t know they are old) and yes, sometimes they can have age related needs but never let it put you off having an oldie – the love and companionship they give you is tremendous.#dontletageismstopyouletthelovecommence

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