Full and Content…

We have the venison steaks, the deydrator and the goats yogurt (random I know but bear with) and we are going in for our first try with the dehydrator so wish us luck as little Maggie is missing her treats and it’s hard not for her to get bored eating only venison as she goes through this detox (venison is the only protein she is not allergic to.)*Jump to 12hrs later*So full is Maggie’s tummy from venison treats that she can’t quite keep herself awake. She is so satisfied by these yummy treats that all gracefulness has gone out of the window as she opts for the faceplant the cushions sleeping position.It took 12hrs at 60c to dehydrate these venison strips and chunks – 12 hours of the dogs mooching about the kitchen sniffing the air and licking thier lips.We were pleasantly surprised at how easy the dehydrator was to use, just cut your meat, plop them in the top trays, switch on and walk away. Only thing we would change is we would pop it on over night next time.Following Maggie’s recent vet bills we didn’t have the funds to buy a dehydrator straight away but because of the kindness of the West Friendship and Fundraising group wee Maggie has not had to miss out due to this – she now has her own treat making factory and staff to boot 😂😅🤣

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