Owl be there for you…

Yesterday I swapped the three white dogs, two Yorkshire’s and a pigcat for a farm of animals and some young heathens (a toddler and a hoodlum) and believe it or not I enjoyed myself.

The day was spent well, learning about all the interesting animals and teaching the young heathens about loving animals. Being kind to animals is an essential part of life and it was easy showing them this as they lapped up all the cuddles from the show and tell groups but what happens when a little wicked streak wins through…

Well the hoodlum (the toddler) learnt this well. Indeed it will be a lesson he will never forget I think as he leapt three foot in the air and grappled desparetely for his mum.For as we all adoringly admired the Eagle Owl on his perch we squirmed uncomfortably as he seemingly eyed us up for his next meal.

However, he was not looking at us, his gaze was lower at the miniature ningas height, who unknowingly to us had acquired a grassy corn stalk and was wickedly waving it through the bars in anticipation.The bait the Eagle Owl did take too as he suddenly soared down from his perch with lightening speed, talons spread wide to catch its prey.

It’s funny isn’t it how an owl from far away can seem not only small but cute and none threatening – until it’s infront of you and just as tall as you – Needless to say the toddler was a bit more respectful of the birds of prey as he toddled off to get his nappy changed.

Eagle Owl 1 – 0 toddler.


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