Worry Wart…

Being long in his years often Wallace feels he has expertise and knowledge in most things, as such he feels it is his solemn duty to oversee any workmanship going on within his home.

This of course can be somewhat distracting, especially where sharp tools and objects are concerned and even more so when you have an old character such as Wallace who likes to get up close and personal due to poor hearing and eyesight.

Yes, Old Wallace is a worry wart and a nosey one too. He mooches and paces. Hovering within grumping distance and likes to give his opinion on occasions (usually when you are at a critical moment.) He is the polar opposite of his wee pal Bing.

Who thinks everything is awesome, totally oblivious to anything that maybe afoot. He just plods on, doing what he does, totally unawares of his big brothers worrying, occasionally walking into the odd person or plant in the garden as he goes but then I suppose life would be boring if we were all the same would it and it could be worse…

He could be drinking out the manky bird bath like Maggie or rolling in poo on the grass like Ginny or covered head to foot in sticky balls like Willie!

Let’s just hope Wallace keeps his nose away from the end of that saw eh!


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