I dunno?

This is Willie’s ‘I dunno face?’

He has used it quite a lot today, especially following on from his daddies many questions which strangely began with ‘who did this? Was it you?

For example;

Who wee’d up my boots? Was it you?

Who ate my toast I left on the side? Was it you?

Who pinched the toilet roll? Was it you?

Who farted? Was it you?

Who shouted at me? Was it you?

Who left a poo at the back door? Was it you?

Who pulled the sheepskin out and humped it? Was it you?

Who ran away on the field? That was you!

Who attacked the water hose? That’s right that was you too!

Who is an asshole today – never mind hiding behind your mother Willie because we ALL know it’s you…

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