Pizza is life…

Eating is never quite the same again after getting a dog is it, as most of us know dogs like hoomans have their favourite foods too. That food in our house is pizza – pizza is life. They even seem to subconsciously know when you are suddenly going to procure a pizza to go in the oven (then spend those vital minutes as it cooks underfoot.)Serving it upon a plate ramps the excitement up further and the licking of lips quickly commences. We can laugh at these little rituals our four legged companions go through in anticipation of a tasty bite but wouldn’t we all love to hear what they are thinking or in our house, what they are all planning – for our lot definitely have strategies…It begins with the mad dash to the living room ahead of you (for pizza eating must always take place Infront of a movie) and from the off you can clearly see it is a well planned mission as they seemingly move into their allocated spots.Wallace middle front with Ginny to the left side and Bing to the right, then not forgetting captain obvious the opportunist (Willie) sharp right by the foot (should you accidentally drop anything) accompanied by a very innocent looking Maggie to the right above Willie on high ground, sitting on the opposite sofa.At this time I must point out no laws have been broken. The invisible line is still intact, not one paw has passed it meaning the golden rule of no begging good closer than two feet to said food has thus been respected. However, the two foot away rule does not diminish forces such as bribery or guilt.The deep brown eyes pleading for pity, the tummies rumbling sweet nothings into your ears, alongside their little pink tongues stealing yummy whiffs of melted cheese and pepperoni – all a force to be reckoned with. These little dogs are not daft though, they know daddy DOES NOT share food EVER so guess who always gets it.Awh cmon man …🍕 🐕 🍕 🐕 🍕 🐕 🍕 🐕 🍕🐕 🍕 🐕 🍕

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