At half mast…

Fancying, doing a bit of shopping on the westie rescue auction after a quick romp around the damp fields, Wallace felt a slight chill creep up his bottom.

Not quite grasping the problem – in that his cosy jumper no longer fitted and did not nearly cover his now fluffy (and cushioned behind) he decided that it it must just be a draft and moved his position accordingly.

This of course was of no help at all, the jumper still stayed at half mast height. For he was now 1.2kg heavier than he was (and the better for it.)

So, with only two courses of action to then persue – a) purchasing a new (larger) jumper or b) snag a freebie from a favourite admin or two (perks of being a westie rescue Scotland pooch) there was nothing for it but for him to do but visit the auction and start bidding irresponsibility on all the knitted items there.Well it’s for a good cause, he whispered in my ear, get I’ll get great bargain, help a white dog, give me a jumper and I’ll give you a snog…


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